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than godess 2019 is here

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than godess 2019 is here

I am so so glad 2019 is here, the last 2 years have been hell, I finally reported the child abuse and other abuse I sufferd, and partial memories came back in nightmares for a long while and i spent 7 months of 2018 in bed in aghony and on endone, I injured my lower back again and in oct 2018 i had another round of surgury, fixed most of the pain, but the leg is numb from half my foot all the way to the top of my leg..and they say it may not go away..I can barely walk but as always I get up and keep moving.. iv been clearing out vrap out of my house, and spare room, ready to start epoxy resin art, as well as doing more charcoal portraits.. see my page on facebook Takart63  anyway im off to the shop then back to clean out wardrobe and then sand the door and wallpaper them, like i did my bedside table draws..opps have to paint around edge of wardrobe..luvin this chalk paint just slap it on… anyho cya xo


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