Sims 2 Careers/Businesses

  • Item Type: Career
    Career Levels: 10
    Chance Cards: Yes – All levels

    This is a brand new career for your Sims. It’s my first one, so please be gentle with me. This has been extensively tested on the base game, and with all expansion packs and seems to work perfectly, but please let me know if you have any problems with it.

    To install, simply extract the file into your Sims 2 downloads folder.

    I’ve hidden all of the level information within a spoiler tag for those who would like to play it blind, so to speak :)

    I hope you enjoy playing this as much as I enjoyed creating it. Any and all feedback welcome, as usual

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    Level 1: File Clerk
    Description: You are working for a psychology professor, filing patient records and lecture material.
    Wages: §100
    Days: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
    Hours: 8
    Carpool: Hatchback
    Outfit: Clerk
    Skills: None

    Level 2: Psychology Research Assistant
    Description: You are a research assistant for a famous psychologist. Your career is just beginning, so build up those necessary skills to work your way up in this fascinating field!
    Wages: §150
    Days: Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
    Hours: 10
    Carpool: Hatchback
    Outfit: Lab Coat 1
    Skills: 2 Charisma, 2 Creativity, 1 Logic

    Level 3: Psychology Student
    Description: You are now a student of psychology, working beside some of the greatest minds in the world. Listen, learn and study hard!
    Wages: §200
    Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
    Hours: 6
    Carpool: Minivan
    Outfit: Low Rank
    Skills: 2 Charisma, 3 Creativity, 2 Logic

    Level 4: Trainee Psychologist
    Description: You have qualified to become a trainee psychologist. You work longer hours, but the experience you are now receiving will be invaluable, so keep studying to build up those people skills!
    Wages: §300
    Days: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
    Hours: 7
    Carpool: Town Car
    Outfit: Cheap Suit
    Skills: 3 Charisma, 3 Creativity, 3 Logic

    Level 5: Psychologist
    Description: Well done! You are now a fully-qualified psychologist, but you need to keep working on those people skills, as well as the logic needed to counsel the patients you will meet every day.
    Wages: §500
    Days: Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday
    Hours: 8
    Carpool: Sedan
    Outfit: Power Suit
    Skills: 4 Charisma, 3 Creativity, 4 Logic

    Level 6: Forensic Psychology Student
    Description: You have gone as far as you possibly can as a general psychologist…now you are training in the enthralling field of forensic science, alongside the local law enforcement agency.
    Wages: §700
    Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
    Hours: 7
    Carpool: Sedan
    Outfit: Lab Coat 2
    Skills: 5 Charisma, 4 Creativity, 5 Logic

    Level 7: Trainee Forensic Psychologist
    Description: Studying hard has paid off. You are now a trainee working with the police, helping your mentor develop profiles for court cases involving dangerous criminals.
    Wages: §800
    Days: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
    Hours: 9
    Carpool: Sports Car Mid
    Outfit: Lab Coat 2
    Skills: 5 Charisma, 5 Creativity, 5 Logic

    Level 8: Forensic Psychologist
    Description: You have worked hard to get where you are. Police agencies are crying out for your services! You are in court almost every week, giving evidence against the most dangerous criminal minds in your town!
    Wages: §1,000
    Days: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
    Hours: 8
    Carpool: Sports Car Super
    Outfit: Power Suit
    Skills: 5 Charisma, 5 Creativity, 6 Logic

    Level 9: Trainee Criminal Profiler
    Description: Your hard work and ruthless reputation has finally been noticed by the top law enforcement agency in the world! You have been head-hunted and brought to the SBI (Sim Bureau of Investigation) headquarters and are working under the most famous criminal profiler ever!
    Wages: §1,500
    Days: Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Sunday
    Hours: 7
    Carpool: Limo
    Outfit: Tweed Jacket
    Skills: 5 Charisma, 6 Creativity, 7 Logic

    Level 10: Criminal Profiler
    Description: Congratulations! You are now at the top of your chosen field! Law enforcement agencies are fighting to hire you for every high-profile case they encounter. You are helping to put away the most dangerous serial killers in the world, and your job satisfaction is now at it’s peek! Well done!
    Wages: §2,000
    Days: Monday, Tuesday, Sunday
    Hours: 4
    Carpool: Helicopter – Executive
    Outfit: Slick Suit
    Skills: 4 Mechanical, 8 Charisma, 8 Creativity, 8 Logic

    Sims 2 base game only required

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