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    Hotels & Rentals The Old Coach Inn


    This converted farm house is now a luxurious bar and guesthouse. The facilities include a restaurant and pool along with an outside seating area and large car park with disabled parking bays. 🙂

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    Neighbourhoods & Maps Twilight Isle Neighbourhood


    This is not a new map, I’ve used one of the game’s maps to create a new neighbourhood. All lots and Sims are unique and were created just for this town. It’s always summer here, so your sun-worshipping Sims will love it!

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    Hotels & Rentals Sparkling Greece Hotel


    This is a conversion of @triciamanly’s amazing Sparkling Greece lot. The only custom content is her decorative quarter wall, the rest of the cc has been stripped.

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    Hotels & Rentals Redwood Guesthouse


    Come to the seaside for a relaxing getaway. Leave your cares and worries behind and drink in the stunning views and the plentiful amenities of this small but homely guesthouse.

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    Hotels & Rentals Mini Motel – No CC


    5-suite motel with dining facilities. Whether you need to stay a night, a week or a month, this clean and friendly establishment will make you miss home just a little less!

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    Hotels & Rentals Von Trapp Hotel – No CC


    This lot has been converted, with the kind permission of ekrubynaffit, from the amazing Von Trapp mansion. It contains no custom content.

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    Neighbourhoods & Maps Mountainairre


    Picture a pristine lake in Alaska, and in the middle of the lake is a small island with sandy beaches, meadows, and pine laced hills.

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    Hotels & Rentals Old Settlers’ Inn


    Nestled back in the mountains near Twin Lakes, you will find Old Settlers’ Inn, the once elegant home of Gloria VanSnooker.