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    LotAdjuster Software

    This new version of the LotAdjuster has all of the features of version 2.x, but allows you to adjust the size of the lot in lot-sized tiles, rather than neighborhood-sized tiles.


    SimPE Software

    SimPE is an Editor especially designed for modding The Sims 2. Whatever you want to change in your Game, SimPE can do it.


    Lot Compressor Software

    The LotCompressor will make your lots smaller, so that they are easier to share. A “compress all” feature allows you to compress all of the lots in an entire neighborhood or subhood.


    Sims 2 Pack Clean Installer Software

    The Sims2Pack Clean Installer is a tool for Sims 2™ and all people who download a lot of custom content.


    Sims 2 Patches Software

    The patches for your Sims 2 game and various packs.


    Sims 2 Content Manager Software

    The Sims 2 Content Manager is a simple tool that allows you to view modified content added to your game.


    Sims 2 Homecrafter Plus Software

    Since went offline, it’s become quite difficult to find the Homecrafter software


    The Compressorizer Software

    The Compressorizer! will allow you to compress package files in your downloads folder


    CEP v9 Software

    The CEP v9 enables colour options for Maxis objects

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