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    Software LotAdjuster


    This new version of the LotAdjuster has all of the features of version 2.x, but allows you to adjust the size of the lot in lot-sized tiles, rather than neighborhood-sized tiles.

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    Software SimPE


    SimPE is an Editor especially designed for modding The Sims 2. Whatever you want to change in your Game, SimPE can do it.

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    Software Lot Compressor


    The LotCompressor will make your lots smaller, so that they are easier to share. A “compress all” feature allows you to compress all of the lots in an entire neighborhood or subhood.

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    Software Sims 2 Content Manager


    The Sims 2 Content Manager is a simple tool that allows you to view modified content added to your game.

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    Software The Compressorizer


    The Compressorizer! will allow you to compress package files in your downloads folder

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    Software AnyGameStarter


    If you have a ton of expansion and stuff packs, but would like to run just the base game (or with selected packs), this software is the way to go.

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    Software Fraps


    Fraps is great software for screenshots and gameplay videos. It’s well worth upgrading to the unlimited version