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Charles Cooper Sims

Charles is intelligent, ambitious and ruthless. Can you help fulfill his dream of becoming a successful, international spy?


Delana Peacock Sims

Meet Delana. A beautiful friendly sim that will be a welcome to any neighbourhood. All she wants is to raise a big family in a warm, loving home.


Gina Mountain Sims

Poor Gina is frumpy, clumsy and shy. Can you help her achieve her lifetime ambition to become a world-renowned chess master?


Count Dracul Sims

It stands to reason that a place called Dracul Castle should have a Count and Countess in it


Countess Dracul Sims

Count Dracul had to have a wife, so I created Countess Dracul. They will reside in Dracul Castle in my game on Dracul Isle.


Precious Little Sims

Precious Little wants to make it big! With Simoleon signs in her eyes she wants to head for the city and jump feet first into the world of celebs.


The Contrary Sisters Sims

After the unfortunate death of their parents Sarah has grown more dependant on her older sister Jolena and moved in with her until she could find her feet.


Anastasia Quirky Sims

Anastasia Quirky is just that – Quirky and fun! Loved by her many friends and neighbours, Anastasia is bubbly and kind, if not slightly neurotic.


Damien Dark Sims

Damien is every good girl’s fantasy…dark, dangerous, and definitely not a good guy!


Sacha Davies Sims

Sacha is ambitious and flirty. She almost demands attention and popularity and will be a challenge to play.


Julia Stone Sims

Ambitious Julia is a fun-loving Sim who will be a lot of fun to play.


April Hollender Sims

April is artistic, friendly and excitable. Can you manage to play this obsessive-compulsive handful of a girl?

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