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SimPE Software

SimPE is an Editor especially designed for modding The Sims 2. Whatever you want to change in your Game, SimPE can do it.


LotAdjuster Software

This new version of the LotAdjuster has all of the features of version 2.x, but allows you to adjust the size of the lot in lot-sized tiles, rather than neighborhood-sized tiles.


Lot Compressor Software

The LotCompressor will make your lots smaller, so that they are easier to share. A “compress all” feature allows you to compress all of the lots in an entire neighborhood or subhood.


First kiss autonomous Mods

Please backup any files that may be overwritten. This Mod: affects gameplayaffects Sims interactions Search Tags: kiss, mod, sims 2 Edit Post Delete Post Add to favorites This was the only way to make...


Golf Club Mods

I changed the rules from the putting Green Career object to make it autonomous but intelligently used.


Crib Social Mods

Now every time you interact with a baby or toddler in crib, you will have increased social


Featured_postCoffee Chaos Mods

Everybody can use, can work as barista and no one will hold the job very long.


N.O.S.E. Mods

This is the Aspiration Reward “Cool Shades” that I changed completely to be funny and useful.


Formal Dinner Mods

I had to invent a way to force Sims autonomous in formal

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