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    Retro Disco Community

    70’s style disco and bar. Very simple design.


    Landown Park Community

    Simple community lot, a park for your Sims in which they can relax, make new friends and catch up with old ones.


    Sim Town Hall Community

    Here’s a simple community lot for your Sims to mingle and play!


    Peasant Playground Community

    Peasant children of any age will enjoy this little playground.


    Cheshire Park Community

    Come sit a while at this lovely little park. Play a game of chess, read a book or make a wish at the wishing well.


    Norwick Lighthouse Community

    This lighthouse not only lights the way for those incoming ships, but also has a pint of ale waiting for thirsty sailors in the pub.


    Glen Pond Community

    Peasants can enjoy this lovely spot while improving their fishing or reading skills.


    Western Saloon Community

    My laptop won’t run to very large lots, I’m afraid, so this is a tiny saloon typical of the wild west.


    Seaport Cemetery Community

    Beware! Ghostly things happen at this cemetery. Peasants may come grieve for their loved ones, but should be ready for anything.

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