Is Sims 2 still available?

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        Hi everyone.


        I just checked EA’s website and it looks like Sims 2 is no longer available.

        I do realize the game is some 16 years old, so it may even be classed as “abandonware” by now, but I thought I’d ask the question anyway.


          EA actually removed the Sims 2 and all packs without letting anyone know. I logged in to Origin one day to download the ones I had purchased, but they had all disappeared. I like to install them all manually so I can use AnyGame Starter. EA did give me access to the Sims 2 Ultimate Edition, but wouldn’t allow me access to the packs I had previously bought so I could install them one-by-one.

          If you can prove to them that you previously purchased a legitimate copy of the Sims 2, they may add the Ultimate Edition to your Origin account, but you can’t buy the Sims 2 original game or packs through them any more.

          You may want to try eBay or Amazon if you want the base game.

          Please post all support requests in the forums if at all possible

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            Thanks @LadyAngel – I’ll check it out.


              Amazon Purchases

              I just purchased all my Sims2 through Amazon, even though Ebay was cheaper, I found that a lot of the packs wouldn’t load. Amazon will cost more but they do run on even laptop computer, that is where mine is now

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            Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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