coffee shop

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    Community Travellers Rest Stop – No CC


    Small rest stop for the passing travellers. There are bathrooms with showers, a cafe and grocery supplies. Snack, shower and refresh to prepare for the rest of your journey!

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    Community Modern Mall


    A symmetrical, versatile, modern community lot for shopping, working out, as well as wining and dining.

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    Community Uptown Rec Centre – No CC


    Recreation centre for grown-up Sims! There’s a pool, games area, bar and coffee shop downstairs. Upstairs, there’s a library and internet cafe as well as a small gym. This was made with no custom content.

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    Community A1 Fitness


    A gym, pool and spa for your fitness-inclined Sims. Enjoy a swim, a coffee and a chat!

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    Community Featured_postCentral Perk


    Central Perk is rather straight forward, pretty much one room. Have included public toilets and also a wee kitchen area so your sims can go for a meal. Theres also a podium off to the side.

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    Community Mini Mall


    A cute mini mall perfect for your sims to hang out, drink coffee, grab a bite and shop ’til they drop!

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    Community Roman Romance


    Excavating the site of a long-since extinct volcano in Italy, archaeology students from Simtown University came across a virtually intact Roman building!

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    Community Tundra Studio


    This former artists’ studio has been converted into a coffee shop, but still retains it’s shabby-chic appearance, both inside and out.

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    Community Gothica Island Church


    This community church from my Gothica Island neighbourhood has a coffee shop and bathrooms so it can be a relaxing meeting place for your Sims.