Starter Homes

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    Starter Homes Single Solitude, No CC


    This has to be one of the cheapest starter homes I’ve ever created, but it’s perfect for the single Sim just starting out. There will be more than enough cash left over for him or her to decorate to their own taste.

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    Starter Homes Tiny Town Starter


    I took my town house and turned it into this spacious, 3-bedroom starter home. Your Sims will have around $2000 to add the necessities when they begin their working life.

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    Starter Homes Starter For One – No CC


    1-bedroom, fully-furnished starter home. Small, but surprisingly spacious, this house is perfect for the Sim just starting out and on the way up!

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    Starter Homes Little Forest Glade


    Little Forest Glade is a small cottage with overgrown garden, perfect for a single Sim, but with space on the lot to add on another room or patio space.

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    Starter Homes Little Forest Glen


    Thanks to inexpensive cc, the house comes in priced at 19,953 and includes all skill items, a phone, and a fire alarm.

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