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Sky Cottage Residential

Small, but very functional, cottage with one bedroom and one bathroom. Landscaped gardens and country decor make for a very cute abode!


Starter Cottage Starter

Small, one-bedroom cottage with one double bedroom. Ideal for the young couple just starting out.


Rural Cottage Residential

This 3 bedroom cottage contains a lot of store content, which is why the file is so large.


The Cottage Residential

This is a small, unfurnished cottage with 2 bedroom and one bathroom.


Tudor Cottage Residential

Three bedroom Tudor-style home. This is the same house LadyAngel uploaded, only with Sims 3.


The Rose Cottage Residential

The Rose Cottage is not for those who hate gardening or don’t have a gardening hack because the whole front is rose bushes and hedges.


New England Residential

Cozy cottage for fanciful female sims or males who like cozy quaintness.


Brampton Cottage Residential

This tiny tudor-style cottage has all that a small sim family could need, two bedrooms, a family lounge and a large versatile garden. I do hope you enjoy it

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