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Residential Featured_postHuntington Mansion


Meet the Huntington’s. Richard Huntington III lived happily with his wife, Marjorie and their children, Michelle and Steven, for many years.

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Dorms Featured_postSimly Dorm


Please see the January Dorm Challenge for detailed description of Simly Dorm, play tested and ready to house your university Sims.

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Residential Featured_postVilla Lujosa


This large Spanish style house has it all, lots of rooms, large back yard with pool and jacuzzi, elegant furnishings, and it’s all for our beloved and sometimes forgotten base game Sims.

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Neighbourhoods & Maps Oceancrest


Many thanks to SimFansUK member, MarioKart, for the idea for this neighborhood, a mountain, coastal town with hopefully a Maine or Vermont feeling.

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Mods Featured_postCoffee Chaos


Everybody can use, can work as barista and no one will hold the job very long.

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Children Featured_postCareporter


I created a sort of teleporter which only function is to get rid of kids, so that their mother can earn money.

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