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    Harley Mansion Residential

    Only your very rich and successful Sims can afford this mansion


    Walnut Lane Residential

    Created for simfansuk.com fan, Marka93, a 30,000 home. I hope you like this one Marka93


    Inexpensive Living 004 Starter Homes

    This is a two story home with 2 bedrooms, 3 baths, and spacious living areas. Gussy it up for your sims!


    Evergreen Cottage Residential

    This was my first ever upload at MTS, just a simple wee cottage, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, kitchen, nice wee garden with a veggie patch, pretty self explanatory!


    Mini Manor – No CC Residential

    I recall when I built this I wanted to build a small manor, so this sprung up. 3 stories and ended up being quite a bit of room, with alot of garden that makes even my game go a tad slow.


    Black ‘n White Residential

    Lot Details: Bedrooms: 4 Condition: Fully Furnished Price: §149,953 Lot Size: 3×3 Add to favorites Extra Info: Contains custom contentSome content is included Tags house,mansion,pool,residential,sims 2 Edit Post Delete Post Just an old lot...


    Featured_postWillow Wood Residential

    Will Weston, a want-to-be woodsman, wished to weave his life’s tapestry in a well built warm and cozy home such as Willow Wood.

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