sims 3

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    Community Sunnyside Hangout


    Beach hangout for your fun-loving Sims. Relax with stunning sea views. Play games, eat, drink and meet new people.

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    Residential Grove Cottage


    Small, 2-bedroom cottage for the new, young family. It has low-maintenance outside space and is fully-furnished.

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    Sims Charles Cooper


    Charles is intelligent, ambitious and ruthless. Can you help fulfill his dream of becoming a successful, international spy?

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    Starter Starter Cottage


    Small, one-bedroom cottage with one double bedroom. Ideal for the young couple just starting out.

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    Residential The Whitehouse


    A compact, but roomy, modern home with all the conveniences your Sims could need.

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    Residential Rural Cottage


    This 3 bedroom cottage contains a lot of store content, which is why the file is so large.

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    Apartments Appelby Grove


    This is a fully-furnished building that could be re-furnished as a large house, or turned into apartments