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Community Tikki Time


This simple beach lot will help your Sims relax and get away from their day-to-day lives. They can dine, socialise, get a massage and drink cocktails at the bars.

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Community Simple Library – No CC


This small library and coffee shop has a surprise for your important Sims. By invitation only, your Sims can pass the barrier to the room in the attic.

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Community Travellers Rest Stop


Stop for a rest from your weary travels. Enjoy a shower and a hot snack in peaceful surroundings.

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Community Party On! – No CC


Party place for your fun-loving Sims! This includes a pool, a children’s play area, plenty of bathrooms and a cafe for the adults!

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Community Cosmic Nightspot


I was inspired by Princess’s Beachfront Mall & Cafe for this lot. I loved the style, so tried to incorporate it into this modern nightspot.

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