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    Mini Motel – No CC Hotels & Rentals

    5-suite motel with dining facilities. Whether you need to stay a night, a week or a month, this clean and friendly establishment will make you miss home just a little less!


    Sim Town Lounge Bar Community

    For fun, dining and entertainment, this trendy lounge bar is just what your Sims need to relax after a hard day’s work!


    Modern Mall Community

    A symmetrical, versatile, modern community lot for shopping, working out, as well as wining and dining.


    Town Centre – No CC Community

    Fully equipped shopping centre with everything your Sims could need for daytime shopping and night-time fun!


    Elegant Eats Community

    Elegant restaurant for fine-dining, music and romance.


    Ten Pin Diner Community

    This is another bowling alley, which is hopefully better than my first attempt


    Dinky Diner Community

    A simple, roadside diner where you travelling Sims can stop for a meal and friendly company!

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