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  • than godess 2019 is here 0

    than godess 2019 is here

    than godess 2019 is here I am so so glad 2019 is here, the last 2 years have been hell, I finally reported the child abuse and other abuse I sufferd, and partial memories...

    Life update 6

    Life update

    Life update Hi all, everything is going well for a change, just lost 34 lbs and I sure feel so much better, have no more pain in my knees and less pain in my...


    This weather is awful!

    This weather is awful! As Brits, we constantly complain that our summers are too cold and wet, and long for some decent weather. However, there is a saying that you should be careful what...

    Winter In The UK! 2

    Winter In The UK!

    Winter In The UK! Here in the UK we are having one of the coldest and snowiest winters for years! I love this weather, but it does have an extreme impact on the country....


    Free IQ Test

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    Sorry for the inactivity 1

    Sorry for the inactivity

    Sorry for the inactivity I’m afraid I haven’t been very active on the site, lately. My hubbie and I are taking a business course with the intention of setting up our own businesses, and...

    Mad, embarrassing day! 0

    Mad, embarrassing day!

    Mad, embarrassing day! We had a 3-piece suite given and had to go and pick it up, so we hired a van to do so…what could possibly go wrong? Well, first of all, my...

    Poor Penny! 0

    Poor Penny!

    Poor Penny! My granddaughter, Penny, has been off-colour for some time now. She woke up yesterday covered in chicken pox! No wonder she’s been unwell! She’s only recently started nursery, so we’re assuming that’s...


    Clever Baby!

    Clever Baby! I forgot about this picture – it was taken about a year ago and looks as though my little granddaughter is engrossed in reading her book!  😆 Edit Post     Delete...

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