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Sorry for the inactivity

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Sorry for the inactivity I’m afraid I haven’t been very active on the site, lately. My hubbie and I are taking a business course with the intention of setting up our own businesses, and it’s taking up most of our time. But I haven’t forgotten about Sim Fans UK and…


Mad, embarrassing day!

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Mad, embarrassing day! We had a 3-piece suite given and had to go and pick it up, so we hired a van to do so…what could possibly go wrong? Well, first of all, my hair colour had taken not quite as I had expected and went bright ginger! I’m not…


Poor Penny!

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Poor Penny! My granddaughter, Penny, has been off-colour for some time now. She woke up yesterday covered in chicken pox! No wonder she’s been unwell! She’s only recently started nursery, so we’re assuming that’s where she contracted it. Edit Post     Delete Post


Clever Baby!

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Clever Baby! I forgot about this picture – it was taken about a year ago and looks as though my little granddaughter is engrossed in reading her book!  Edit Post     Delete Post


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