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Little Harry :)


Little Harry šŸ™‚ @Princess, my daughter, has given birth to a bouncing baby boy, Harry. He’s a light in a somewhat darkened world at the moment. šŸ™‚ Edit Post Ā  Ā  Delete Post

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Almost a grandmother, again!

Almost a grandmother, again! 0

Almost a grandmother, again! I post this with mixed feelings. My daughter is expecting my first grandson (she already has a girl) any day now. I’m so excited, but because of the lockdown, I...

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What happen to the Golden years

What happen to the Golden years 0

What happen to the Golden years I have not been doing to well, now I find I am not releasing the ammonia in my body the way I should, normally. I don’t understand what...

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I hope you are all staying safe!


I hope you are all staying safe! This pandemic is unprecedented in our time. Listen to the government, take care of the vulnerable and yourselves, and stop panic buying! There’s enough food to go...

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Busy, busy, busy!


Busy, busy, busy! I’m surprised at how much time I’m finding to post new items at SFU these days. We’ve just undergone a gas conversion from solid fuel. The house had to be emptied,...

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Broken laptop :(

Broken laptop :( 0

Broken laptop šŸ™ I’m aching to create new content for Sim Fans UK, but my laptop has been broken for weeks and the repair centre is having problems finding the parts to fix it....

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Life update

Life update 6

Life update Hi all, everything is going well for a change, just lost 34 lbs and I sure feel so much better, have no more pain in my knees and less pain in my...

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This weather is awful!


This weather is awful! As Brits, we constantly complain that our summers are too cold and wet, and long for some decent weather. However, there is a saying that you should be careful what...

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Winter In The UK!

Winter In The UK! 2

Winter In The UK! Here in the UK we are having one of the coldest and snowiest winters for years! I love this weather, but it does have an extreme impact on the country....

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Free IQ Test


Free IQ Test IQ Test Edit Post Ā  Ā  Delete Post

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