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    Community Travellers Rest Stop – No CC


    Small rest stop for the passing travellers. There are bathrooms with showers, a cafe and grocery supplies. Snack, shower and refresh to prepare for the rest of your journey!

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    Community Town Centre – No CC


    Fully equipped shopping centre with everything your Sims could need for daytime shopping and night-time fun!

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    Community Ridge Market


    A small community lot where your Sims can shop and have a gossip over a cup of coffee – our favourite pastime, right girls?

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    Community Village Grocer Shop


    It’s an all purpose place which includes groceries, bookstore, clothing, hair salon, and outdoor patio with grill.

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    Community The Fighting Llamas


    This is my round 2 lot for Karens awesome uni contest happening at mts, everyone should check it out if you havnt already!

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    Businesses and Careers Wooford Plant Nursery


    The greenhouse includes three windows by me, the inclined wall height window and two flat rooftops, one that matches the windows, and the other which is a bit higher.

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    Community Alpinloch School


    3 classrooms, gymnasium, office with teacher’s lounge, library, 3 sets of restrooms, and playground with swings.

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    Community Alpineville


    This little village offers almost every Sim need in one place: clothing boutique, groceries, restaurant, clubhouse and pool