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    Hightown Luxury Dorms Dorms

    7-room, luxury dorms for your well-off Sims. There is one room with en-suite bathroom, and 2 with a jack-and-jill (shared) bathroom. However, there are plenty of facilities for the other rooms.


    January Dorms – Refurbished Dorms

    This is a refurbished version of my January Dorms. It’s been updated to be fresh, modern and practical, as well as providing work and entertainment areas for your young Sims.


    State Campus – Dorms Dorms

    12-room dormitory with all of the luxury your spoiled teen Sims will need to enjoy their stay away from home. Complete with en-suite bathrooms and TV’s in each room!


    Riverdale Dorms Dorms

    Luxury dorms for your more well-off Sims, with outdoor pool and recreation area downstairs.


    Stately Dorms – No CC Dorms

    12-room, luxury dorms. Each room has a T.V., each floor has study areas with computers and bookcases.


    Nite Lite Dorms Dorms

    6-room dorm with study room and games area. Better get your Sims settled in before all of the good rooms are taken!


    Grande Elite Dorms Dorms

    This is a six-room dorm with multiple beds in each room.


    Featured_postSimly Dorm Dorms

    Please see the January Dorm Challenge for detailed description of Simly Dorm, play tested and ready to house your university Sims.


    Featured_postNorthview University Dorm Dorms

    All rooms are doubles and some have a mini kitchen so you don’t even have to hike it all the way to the Refectory.

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