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    Residential Featured_postTiny Mountain Cabin


    [wpfp-link]   Edit Post   Delete Post [wptab name=’Details’] Lot Size: 30×20 Bedrooms: 2 Condition: Fully Furnished Price: §80,852 Game Version: Tiny Cabin on top of a mountain. [/wptab] [wptab name=’Screenshots’ active=”1″] [/wptab] [wptab name=’Files’]...

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    Residential Featured_postHuntington Mansion


    Meet the Huntington’s. Richard Huntington III lived happily with his wife, Marjorie and their children, Michelle and Steven, for many years.

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    Residential Featured_postVilla Lujosa


    This large Spanish style house has it all, lots of rooms, large back yard with pool and jacuzzi, elegant furnishings, and it’s all for our beloved and sometimes forgotten base game Sims.

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    Mods Featured_postCoffee Chaos


    Everybody can use, can work as barista and no one will hold the job very long.

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    Residential Featured_postDownton Abbey


    Here is my far from perfect, full of creative license, version of Downton Abbey. We just finished watching season 4. I feel sorry for Edith. Why doesn’t she confide in Mary? I know Mary would support her. Mary seems rather cold, but she loves deeply.

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    Residential Featured_postParadise Isle


    The house itself is all natural wood from the local rain forest, and natural stone tile made from local river stones. Other tropical features include a sort of “floating veranda” on the second floor and lots of floor to ceiling windows to let in the views and natural light. Base game garage is hopefully convertible to real.

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    Residential Featured_postQuite Comfy


    I found an interesting floor plan of a house that had a big half arch window as a feature to the plans, and thought it would be a welcome challenge to try and build. It was indeed a challenge but here is the result.