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    Floor Coverings My-Mashup Floors


    I did not create these! They are from an excellent creator, my-mashup, who’s site has since been discontinued.

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    Sets 3 Chairs on a Beach


    I hope you will enjoy this wall/floor set until I can get back to have more for you.

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    Sets Wall & Floor Sets


    These are all the wall/floors sets that I created, each file has a discription of their design.

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    Sets Beachwood Set


    This is ‘beach’ wood, not ‘beech’ wood. So named as I think this set would suit a beachfront property.

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    Floor Coverings Marradi Parquet


    Parquet flooring in 5 lively and perhaps unconventional shades. These are found in the Wood section of flooring for §9 a piece.