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The Villa Residential

A 2-bedroom, Mediterranean style villa with open-plan living area.


Mini Town House Residential

Compact family town house situated right on the edge of a busy town. Perfect for the working family with access to good schools, city offices and social haunts.


Tiny Town Starter Starter Homes

I took my town house and turned it into this spacious, 3-bedroom starter home. Your Sims will have around $2000 to add the necessities when they begin their working life.


Harley Mansion Residential

Only your very rich and successful Sims can afford this mansion


Desert Bloom Residential

Surprisingly spacious one-floor home. There are three bedrooms and an open-plan kitchen/lounge area. There’s tons of room inside for anyone that wants to re-shuffle!


Minor Manor-JS Residential

Minor Manor is one of the lot’s from the game, I remodled it, you can look at older one then look at mine, tried not to change it too much.


Sandy Beach – Revisited Residential

This is an updated, and hopefully better, version of my Sandy Beach house. I created that a long time ago when I was just learning to build and thought I could do better.


Monkee’s Pad Residential

Trying to build this lot was like the blind man trying to figure out what an elephant was! The available photos are little snippets of the whole.


Smallmodcot – No CC Residential

Modern 3 bedroom family home. Fully furnished with open-plan layout downstairs. There are 3 bathrooms, including an en-suite in the master bedroom.

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