• Residential Eaglemire Manor

    Condition: Fully Furnished
    Bedrooms: 3
    Price: §180,873
    Lot Size: 3×2

    This old stately home has 3 bedrooms, but there’s plenty of room upstairs to re-model if someone wants more :) One of the bedrooms is being used as a gym.

    There’s a substantial exterior with a pool, BBQ area and pretty gardens.

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    – Leafy Green Shrub by khadidoo
    – 4ESF Outdoor Rosebush Yellow Recolour by 4sef
    – Stone Border Door by crocobaura
    – by corvidophile2@mts2 by Medieval Wall Covering
    – GardenPlnater Hexagonal by macarossi
    – “Eponymous Garden” Aloevera by Kate
    – “Eponymous Garden” Foxgloves by Parsimonious Sims 2
    – “Eponymous Garden” Golden Mantle by Kate
    – “Eponymous Garden” Milk Thistle by Kate
    – “Eponymous Garden” Monkshood by Parsimonious Sims 2
    – “Eponymous Garden” Monkshood Pink Recolour by Kate
    – “Eponymous Garden” Potato by Kate
    – “Eponymous Garden” St Johns Wort by Kate
    – “Eponymous Garden” St Johns Wort Yellow Recolour by Kate
    – “Eponymous Garden” Strawberry by Kate
    – “Oggs & Ends” Desk Chair by Kate
    – Orbular Ray Plant by Kate
    – Star Berry Bush by Kate
    – Switch Grass by Kate
    – Switch Grass Black Recolour by Kate
    – Thrallian Snapper by Kate
    – Alchemist’s desk by lethe_s
    – Modular Stairs by Numenor
    – Medium Shrubby Shrub by by HystericalParoxysm @ mts2
    – Short Pedestal Planter by macarossi
    – Medieval Door by UK1967
    – Medieval Door Recolour by UK1967
    – Red Brick Alcove by corvidophile2
    – Red Brick Window by corvidophile2
    – Nengi’s Big Oleander by nengi65
    – Colonial Wall Sconce by Dgandy
    – 4ESF Outdoor Hosta by https://www.4eversimfantasy.net/
    – 4ESF Outdoor Hosta Rosebush Recolour by 4esf
    – Natural Wood by Jonesi
    – Flowering Bush by nengi65
    – 4ESF Outdoor Rosebush by 4eversimfantasy
    – 4ESF Outdoor Rosebush Recolour by 4eversimfantasy
    – corvidophile2-Giant Hydrangea by https://www.modthesims2.com
    – 4ESF Outdoor Rosebush Recolour by 4eversimfantasy
    – Oggs n Ends Desk Chair by Amythestfenix
    – Por anubis. by Anubis360

    Required Expansion Packs:
    University Nightlife Open For Business Pets Seasons Bon Voyage Freetime Apartment Life
    Required Stuff Packs:
    Happy Holiday Family Fun Glamour Life Celebration H&M Teen Style Kitchen & Bath Ikea Home Mansion & Garden
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    2 Responses

    1. triciamanly says:

      The Eaglemire needs a wealthy sim couple, perhaps named Stanley and Rosette Markum (first wealthy sounding names that come to mind) and their rather spoiled little girl named Rosalie. He will work his way up to the top of the business career and Rosalie will get into private school. Rosette will max out her cooking skills.

    2. LadyAngel says:

      Hmm, sounds like a story there!

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