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    Victoria Isles – a quaint Victorian world that offers the charm of a time long past. This beautiful neighborhood offers the Sims population many special places to live, love and work. Come enjoy the wonderful adventures offered in this fascinating world.

    Total Lots: 132 lots with buildings-80 lots without buildings. Lots are all different sizes with many 60×60 and 64×64 lots for future expansions. All lots remodeled and updated.

    Requirements: all expansions, including Showtime and the free EA Riverside world for the farm objects. No custom content was used in this world. All rabbit holes are EA.

    Key Areas: due to the vastness of this world, subways have been added to accommodate the Sims in their travels.

    Victoria Township places to work, play, socialize, learn skills and shop.
    Victoria Courthouse, Rigly Towers, Phobie’s Pet Shoppe, Dawson Doggie Playland, Marshall Memorial Library, Miss Kitty Pet Shoppe, Jasmine Parkways, Victoria Central Park, Victoria Fire Department, Victoria Police Department, Historical Society Museum, Barton’s Bistro, The Green Room, Madam Rose’s Spa, Hollis School & Gym, In Style Salon, Candy’s Community Pool, Percy Plaza, Philly Plaza, My Mother’s Attic, Randolph Hospital.

    Victoria Residential – beautiful 2-3 story Victorian styled homes with a lovely Victorian park for the children located nearby.

    Victoria Beach – a sandy little beach area for homes and venues.
    The Crab Shack, Bailey Beach Cottage and Glendale Home.

    Butterfly Circle– a wonderful area close to the beach where Sims can smell the salt air and watch the gulls play while they work, play and socialize.
    Starlight Aquarium, Butterfly Pavilion, Diva Drama Club, Butterfly Circle Subway, Butterfly Pond There is a residential development on Butterfly Circle– Marston Manor

    Bayview Wharf – the industrial area of the hood where Sims can work, play, socialize and gain skills.
    The Wharf Dinner, Sea Horse Pond, Sea Port Lounge, Bay Port Warehouse, Captain Bluebeard’s Salon, Bayfront Swim Club, Bayview Fareway I, Bayview Fareway II, Bayview Fareway III, Captain Hook’s Greasy Spoon, Bayside Swap Shoppe, Captain Ahab’s Bar, Sea Serpent Bar, Baywater Science Center, Bayside Park, Bay Port Hatchery, Thompson Scrap Metal Inc. Mermaid Laundromat, Canton’s Warehouse, Pier Two Imports, Martin Marine Life Inc. Scholl’s Shoe Company, Bay Point Research Center, Four Winds Shipping Company.

    Celebrity Row– where the rich and famous stars gather to make movies, practice golf, visit the local lounge, attend the sporting events, or attend the local live concerts.
    Celebrity Row Driving Range, Regency Movies Inc., Starlight Pond, Regency Sports Center, Celebrity Row Subway I, Ye Olde Train Station, Regency Event Center, Actor Trailer Park (CAW). This area also offers two residential celebrity developments- Radford House, Celebrity Row Subway II, Dale Manor, Blueberry Hill.

    Equestrian Ridge– where cowboys and girls can enjoy anything to do with the lifestyle of the Old West.
    Equestrian Ridge Subway, Lancing Equestrian Center, Victoria Equestrian Club, Old Landon Farm, Billy Bob’s Saloon. There is a residential development on Equestrian Ridge Road

    Snob Hill– where the rich founders (The Issettes) of Victoria make their home.
    Snob Hill Springs, Snob Hill Commons, Goth Manor, Laurel Springs Manor and there is a country church and cemetery down the hill on Snob Hill Lane.

    Renoit Island – a sunny little island famous for its hospitality and fine wines.
    Meloire Winery, Cherimola Vineyard, Gralladina Park, Renoit Island Pond, Avornalino Vineyard, Island Storage Shacks (CAW).

    Victoria Farmlands– across the Bay lies the farms of Victoria Isles as well as many community lots.
    Farmland Subways I-VI, Sutter’s Pond, Olde Mill Pond, Victoria Military Center, Big Bend Springs. Farmer John’s Garden, Dino Amusement Park. Meadow Wood Farm, Holly Hills Farm, Chesterfield Farm, Casey’s Cabin (starter), Green Point (starter).

    World Information: 90 MB file size or 74 MB zipped. (this world will need a high end computer to play), large map (due to the size, the world will render and save a little slower slower), all base and expansion spawners have been added to the world and community lots. All rabbit holes have been added as well as all job or career lots from all expansions. World play tested for six weeks. Add CAS or Custom Sims to populate world.

    Thanks, everyone. Hope you will have an interest. 🙂

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    Required Expansion Packs
    World Adventures Ambitions Late Night Generations Pets Showtime

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