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    Neighbourhoods & Maps Twilight Isle Neighbourhood


    This is not a new map, I’ve used one of the game’s maps to create a new neighbourhood. All lots and Sims are unique and were created just for this town. It’s always summer here, so your sun-worshipping Sims will love it!

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    Residential The Wynds – No CC


    This is a standard, 4-bedroom house with small front garden. It’s fully-furnished for a large family!

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    Residential Ingleton House – No CC


    4-bedroom family home with spacious lounge and ample outside space. There are 2 bathrooms, and 2 of the bedrooms have been decorated for male and female children.

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    Residential English Garden


    English country garden with a shed that has been converted into the teeniest house ever!

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    Community Summer Dining


    Compact restaurant with outside areas for summer dining. There’s also a bar and communal bathrooms.

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    Community Bueno Bistro


    This Italian-style bistro has a restaurant downstairs, a bar upstairs and a romantic garden for your summer diners!

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    Community Landown Park


    Simple community lot, a park for your Sims in which they can relax, make new friends and catch up with old ones.

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    Community Sim Town Hall


    Here’s a simple community lot for your Sims to mingle and play!

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    Community Cheshire Park


    Come sit a while at this lovely little park. Play a game of chess, read a book or make a wish at the wishing well.