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    Residential Tudor Manor


    5 bedroom, luxury manor house in the Tudor style, but with everything your Sims will need for the modern lifestyle.

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    Residential Asher Grove Manor – No CC


    This house is in collaboration with my daughter (Princess). We found an image we both liked and tried to copy it as best we could.

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    Residential Featured_postDownton Abbey


    Here is my far from perfect, full of creative license, version of Downton Abbey. We just finished watching season 4. I feel sorry for Edith. Why doesn’t she confide in Mary? I know Mary would support her. Mary seems rather cold, but she loves deeply.

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    Residential Monmouth Manor


    Monmouth Manor was built in 1865 by the Earl of Monmouth for his second son, Harold. Over the years the Manor has been modernised but it still retains the olde worlde charm of when it was first built.

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    Residential Featured_postWillow Wood


    Will Weston, a want-to-be woodsman, wished to weave his life’s tapestry in a well built warm and cozy home such as Willow Wood.

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    Residential Featured_postBoleyn Manor


    This Tudor Manor sits on a large plot, with far-reaching views across the English countryside. It is a large property set in beautiful landscaped gardens.