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    Beach Hangout Community

    This is the perfect place for your beach-loving Sims to hangout.


    Rue de Fer Residential

    A dear friend went on vacation to a lovely city in Belgium. She sent me pictures and I was inspired to build Rue de Fer.


    Citrus Grove Residential

    A great friend asked me to build this house for her sims who want to live abroad.


    161 W. Cypress Drive Residential

    Here is a simple, modern, 2 bedroom house for a career sim. Park in the garage and walk up to the door on a nice covered walk-way.


    TSR Workshop Software

    If you’re new to meshing for the Sims 3, then this tool is definitely for you!


    Cherry Tree Road Residential

    Down the country lane to the south you will find Cherry Tree Village.


    Castleaire Residential

    This is a spacious, 3-bedroom home.


    Silverthorn Residential

    Silverthorn is a nice, big family home with 4 bedrooms and 2.5 baths.


    Sacha Davies Sims

    Sacha is ambitious and flirty. She almost demands attention and popularity and will be a challenge to play.

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