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Lycos House

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Condition: Unfurnished

Price: §20,478
Lot Size: 3×2
Extra Info:
This lot is occupied

This is the Lycos Dog made by Maxis. It was only released on the French site during a promotion deal with Lycos. The dog is pre-packaged with a family/house, which is why I’ve placed it in the ‘Occupied’ residential section. Apparently it adds a custom dog collar in CAS but not a custom breed.

I couldn’t get this to install correctly, so following info from MTS I opened the ‘Program files/EA Games/The Sims 2 Pets/CSBin’ folder and dragged the file to packageinstaller.exe within.

Required Expansion Packs:

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Hi is this EA package house or did you repack it from a hood. I have download it and it can only be in stalled by Sims 2 installer, Clean… Read more »