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The Stonehouse – Furnished, No CC Residential

This is a furnished version of The Stonehouse lot. It has kept the same decor, but the inside has been fully-furnished, and the outside has been altered slightly.

Winter In The UK! 2

Winter In The UK!

Winter In The UK! Here in the UK we are having one of the coldest and snowiest winters for years! I love this weather, but it does have an extreme impact on the country....


Free IQ Test

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Uptown Rec Centre – No CC Community

Recreation centre for grown-up Sims! There’s a pool, games area, bar and coffee shop downstairs. Upstairs, there’s a library and internet cafe as well as a small gym. This was made with no custom content.


Von Trapp Hotel – No CC Hotels & Rentals

This lot has been converted, with the kind permission of ekrubynaffit, from the amazing Von Trapp mansion. It contains no custom content.

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