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    Community Beachside Spa & Bar


    Enjoy the amazing views in this simple community lot. Combining a bar with a little spa action, your Sims can have the best of both worlds!

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    Residential Tudor Cliff House


    4-bedroom Tudor-style home on a cliff overlooking the sea. With spacious room and 4 bathrooms, this expensive home will keep your rich Sims in the lap of luxury!

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    Residential Bunny Barmy – My sister’s house


    This is an (almost) exact replica of the house my sister lives in. The layout is spot-on, but I’ve taken some liberties with wall and floor coverings to cut down on custom content.

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    Hotels & Rentals City Rentals


    2 luxury properties with 3 floors. The top floors (attics) are waiting to be furnished how your Sims want them. šŸ™‚

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    Residential Beachside Cottage


    Small, but spacious, 3-bedroom cottage on the beachfront. This would be perfect for the small family, or as a holiday home and could be easily converted to a rental.

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    Wall Coverings Summer Dot Wallpaper


    Okay, I know it’s winter, but I couldn’t resist these lovely patterns! These are four wallpapers in dots, diamonds, circles and squares, and they all have wood wainscoting top and bottom.

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    Residential Family Bungalow – No CC


    Add to favoritesĀ Ā Ā Edit PostĀ Ā Ā Delete Post [wptab name=’Details’] Lot Size: 20×20 Bedrooms: 2 Condition: Fully Furnished Price: Ā§41,306 Unfurnished Price: Ā§8,991 Game Version: 2-bedroom bungalow with spacious, open-plan living area and small, landscaped garden...

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    Hotels & Rentals Office Block Apartments


    This is a conversion of my office block, which is now five luxury apartments with communal entertainment area and private gardens.

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    Community Beach Rec & Shop


    Shopping and recreation centre for your Sims. From dining to pet supplies, your Sims will find everything they need right here.

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