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    1. chilili says:

      Yes, decorating your home again is very tiring and busy. I know it will look great when you are finished with painting and them the fun of putting your furniture in place. Good luck to you.
      Hug and love
      Joanne 🙂 😀

    2. LadyAngel says:

      Thanks, chi! I may take some pics when it’s all done. 🙂

    3. LadyAngel says:

      We’ve actually gone for a rustic, brick feature wall for our small lounge. The refub is taking forever, but my husband, @jamjar, is a perfectionist and does a wonderful job! Family and friends have also been invaluable with cleaning and decorating, but there’s still so much more to do!

      The brick wallpaper was put up by my brother-in-law, Andy, who did a marvellous job! My son had his friend, Chris, up from Middlesborough, who has also helped a lot.

      We feel so very fortunate to have so many friends and family who are happy to help when we need them, and we do our best to do the same whenever they need any help.

      Our house is rented from a housing association, and although it’s a 4-bedrooom house, the rooms are small so we’re having to get rid of a lot of stuff so it’s not as cluttered. Thanks to Freecycle and Freegle we can give so much stuff away to people who need it.

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