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Trying to make a comeback

Trying to make a comeback 1

Trying to make a comeback Well, I am trying to come back, I had so much going on, I got covid and had to go 25 miles away for an infusion of shots, 3...

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Spring & Summer & ME

Spring & Summer & ME 2

Spring & Summer & ME Well it is August here, the 13th, it started o ut real cool this morning, then the temp started getting warmer, it is now 80 degrees, so it will...

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Weather 1

Weather I listen to so many people talk about the weather, it is to hot, too cold, to much rain, or snow and wind or what ever, I wonder why we are not satisfied...

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Blessings 1

Blessings Wishing you all have a Happy New Year, may it bring happiness, good health an prosperity. to all. Hope you all had a great and wonderful Christmas. Santa did very well for me....

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Summer, Fun and Crafts

Summer, Fun and Crafts 0

Summer, Fun and Crafts Hi, here I am again, wishing all of you a happy summer. It is hard for me to breath in the summer, Because of my cirrhosis of the liver I...

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Sims2 game

Sims2 game 1

Sims2 game Well, I couldn’t make sims, cause my creating sims had a blue square and the ppl wouldn’t show up. So I took the whole game off the computer and put iti back...

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What happen to the Golden years

What happen to the Golden years 0

What happen to the Golden years I have not been doing to well, now I find I am not releasing the ammonia in my body the way I should, normally. I don’t understand what...

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