Sims 2

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    Starter Homes Starter For One – No CC


    1-bedroom, fully-furnished starter home. Small, but surprisingly spacious, this house is perfect for the Sim just starting out and on the way up!

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    Residential Asher Grove Manor – No CC


    This house is in collaboration with my daughter (Princess). We found an image we both liked and tried to copy it as best we could.

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    Residential Mini Mansion – No CC


    Small, 3-bedroom house with open-plan living downstairs. One of the bedrooms is being used as a study.

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    Residential Mini Maison


    Tiny, 1-bedroom, Victorian-style house with one bedroom and simple landscaping. The only custom content are my cobbles and CuriousB’s terrain moss terrain paint.

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    Residential Cherry Cottage


    Very small 1-bedroom home with gardens front and back. This house is 100% cc free!

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    Residential Bluebird


    This is a small, 3-bedroom home. There is room upstairs for 3 bedrooms because the bathroom is downstairs.

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    Residential Applewhite


    This is a large, fully-furnished and very expensive manor house with tons of room inside for those that like to re-model.

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    Community Sim Valley Library – Base Game


    Even if libraries are not your Sims’ idea of fun, there’s plenty to do here. Free WiFi, games and coffee will keep them coming back again and again!

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    Dorms Featured_postSimly Dorm


    Please see the January Dorm Challenge for detailed description of Simly Dorm, play tested and ready to house your university Sims.

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    Residential Victorian Pleasure


    Tiny Victorian-style house with 1 bedroom. There’s plenty of room outside for a driveway if you want to add one.

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    Residential Featured_postVilla Lujosa


    This large Spanish style house has it all, lots of rooms, large back yard with pool and jacuzzi, elegant furnishings, and it’s all for our beloved and sometimes forgotten base game Sims.

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    Residential Boxy Modern, Base Game, No CC


    This is a small, modern, 1-bedroom house. It is 100% cc-free and has 2 bathrooms and a tiny attic space that can’t be used for anything!

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    Residential 925 Shore Acres Road


    This is the house hubby & I had when we were first married, walls/floors are not the same but the rooms & furniture are exact….Except where there is a stove, there was a micro wave & cabinet

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    Residential Windy Corner


    This country house is inspired by Howard’s End and A Room With a View movie locations. The best thing about those movies is the absolutely beautiful countryside scenes and houses in both.