• Sims Delana Peacock

    Gender: Female
    Age: Adult
    Traits: Family Oriented, Neat, Good, Nurturing, Friendly
    Fitness: Fit
    Weight: Fat

    Meet Delana. A beautiful friendly sim that will be a welcome to any neighbourhood. All she wants is to raise a big family in a warm, loving home.

    I played Delana living in a lovely beachside home in Sunset Valley. She was single for a while but had lots of good friends and friendly neighbours. The Principal of the town school was a difficult job so during the summer she took a trip to China where she had a lovely experience and even a little holiday romance. Her first daughter Lucy was born sometime after the trip and after Delana and Lucy’s father decided they sadly could not make it work long distance, Delana was a single Mum struggling along. )Sadly things probably would have worked out if it weren’t for the interfering mother of her romantic companion who travelled from China with him to visit Delana and the baby, and did nothing but gripe and poke people with a stick!)

    Delana’s luck changed after a Doctor visited Lucy when she was under the weather and Delana and Dr Jenson hit it off. They were soon an item, soon living together and had another bundle of joy on the way. This bundle turned out to be a rather large bungle and Hans and Delana had triplets!!! 2 boys and a girl; Jenson, Dustin and Saskia. Soon after this they were married at a big ceremony in the park during the spring festival, where unfortunately it rained all day! This did not mar the day however, as everyone was so happy and the wedding was perfect, followed by a lovely honeymoon in France.

    Not long after the wedding Delana and Hans were blessed with twins; Lorna and Eliza. Things were going incredibly well for the family and Hans received a promotion becoming a World Renowned Surgeon. He was awarded shares in the hospital, Sacred Spleen, and the family were comfortable and happy. They decided to bring another child into the world. Sadly, while Delana was pregnant, Hans tried his luck at fixing the TV, got electrocuted and passed away.

    Poor Delana was a single Mum again, this time with 6 children and another 1 (2,3??) on the way. By this point Lucy had blossomed into young adulthood and moved out, pursuing her own career in journalism. She had been writing stories since she was 5 and been published since 10. She decided to move back in with her Mum following the tragedy and help her out with the family. Soon after Delana had a little girl, Charlotte, and a whole lot to cope with. Not wanting to burden her eldest and hold her back, Delana insisted she move back out to get on with her own life and, using the money left to her from Hans shares in the hospital, she send the triplets to boarding school.

    Delana is now older with Charlotte, now of school age, living at home, and the others all grown into adults/young adults living throughout the town ready to start lives of their own. The family bond remains strong and they have regular gatherings to stay in touch.

    I hope you have as much fun with Delana as I did. Lets hope life isn’t quite as tragic!

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    1. triciamanly says:

      A life full of ups and downs! Let’s hope Delana’s future is bright! Your profile pictures are lovely by the way!

    2. LadyAngel says:

      Well I think she sounds like a positively beautiful person, and I’ll bet she’s such a pleasure to play! :ok:

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