• Building Deleting floor to make a landing area


    One of the things I don’t like about the Sims 4 build mode is that you can’t delete single wall coverings or floor tiles. It’s very frustrating.

    If you miss the old Sims games where you can create a nice landing area at the top of the stairs, there’s a way to do it in the Sims 4. Just add a fence around the area of the floor you would like to delete:

    Then use the sledgehammer tool to delete the floor within the fenced area:

    Delete the parts of the fence you don’t need, and you’ve done it:

    Sims 4 base game only required

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    1. chilili says:

      Thanks so much for this information, It has been so long creating a landing that I forgot. It sure is wonderful to have these aids to help us along. Thanks agian

    2. LadyAngel says:

      Well it’s difficult to do in the Sims 4, so I thought I’d write a simple tutorial. 🙂

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