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  • Surfaces Epikouros ‘Sleek Cuisine’ Counter & Island Recolours   (Views: 603 )

    6 Responses

    1. triciamanly says:

      Oooh, yay! I especially like the black which will look fantastic in many modern homes.

    2. triciamanly says:

      This may be a repeat because I hit quick reply, but then didn’t see the comment and wanted you to know that I highly approve of your recolors and especially the black which will be perfect for modern homes!

    3. LadyAngel says:

      Thanks, tric. I always tend to stick to re-colouring the cheapish items so people can have a bit of variety when building budget homes. 🙂

    4. tbucknor says:

      The recolors are nice, thanks Lady! Could you possibly do a lavender recolor?

    5. TofuSnorlax says:

      A lavender kitchen- that sounds like a dream to me!

    6. CheekyBugga says:

      Absolutely Adore the Purple Recolor!!!

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