• Floor Coverings Faux Stone Tiles

    Price: §12

    This multicolored floor tile is my first ever custom content upload. It can be found under the Tiles section of flooring and costs §12 a piece. It comes in one “Original” color, as well as one “Warmer” hue and one “Cooler” hue.

    Please feel free to completely embarrass me by pointing out any mistakes I might have made with this upload, thanks!

    Base Game Only

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    6 Responses

    1. karen lorraine says:

      They look good Tofu. Well done 🙂

    2. TofuSnorlax says:

      Thanks, karen.

    3. triciamanly says:

      Look for them in my next upload!! The colors are so versatile. I also love the kitchen display and that wall paper. Did you make that too? Thanks tofu, keep those uploads coming!

    4. TofuSnorlax says:

      Thank you, tric. I was careful to only use Maxis items in my picture, the wallpaper is near the very end of the Wallpaper section. And it would be wonderful of you to use this in an upload! I can just imagine now how many people will see it and have it in their game!

    5. ekrubynaffit says:

      Thanks Tofu, I think I will be doing the same as Tric, so hard to find nice kitchen tiles!

    6. LadyAngel says:

      Very, very nice, well done indeed!

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