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    The Sims™ 4 Island Living* is available on PC and Mac! There are so many incredible features that the dev team has worked tirelessly to create that we want to share with you. And with that, we asked these fine folks (the devs, that is, who know this pack better than anyone) what their Sims are enjoying the most about this exciting expansion pack. What we got was anecdotes, tidbits, and insider tips about what kinds of stories you can tell. Check it all out below!

    Cool Breeze Careers

    You won’t find a desk job in Sulani. There are several careers, and even Odd Jobs, available for Sims seeking a new way of life.

    For one Sim named Sefina, it’s all about the biology: “I finally saved enough money to move out of town and build a small outpost off the coast of Mua Pel’am, the nature reserve. My dream of becoming a marine biologist is coming true!”

    Others like protecting the island: “They call me The Patrolman. Lifeguard during the day, litterbug-catcher during the night. It’s up to me to protect these islands, and everyone in them.”

    Chilling out is a good way to go: “It’s so nice to have a relaxing schedule. In the morning, I wake up at 4 a.m. to get ready for my part-time fisherman job. After getting back, I take on an odd job or two before my shift as a scuba instructor. Then, I have just enough time to clean some trash off the beaches before I pass out! Easy life.”

    And, of course, getting that scuba time: “I’m a city Sim who fell in love with the island and decided to stay. A natural at scuba, I made it my life and became an instructor for visiting tourists and locals alike.”

    Out to Sea

    Sims can swim, snorkel, scuba dive, explore waterfalls, and even befriend a mermaid! How are they taking advantage of all this watery goodness? Each is different.

    Some love splashing around with wildlife, like Kaya, who’s, “Enjoying the sea with snorkeling, swimming, diving, and dolphins!”

    Or making it their living: “Ku is just a simple fisherman who practically lives on his boat. He sets the traps before bed and goes out on the outrigger to explore different fishing coves during the day.”

    But others want to dig a bit deeper, becoming, “A treasure-hunter set on uncovering artifacts from their cultural heritage. From scuba diving around the island to combing the beaches and searching caves, there’s always something to find.”

    You Take Care, Now

    Island preservation is a big part of keeping Sulani beautiful. There are many Sims who feel connected to their land and all that it gives them.

    Like this inspired Sim: “With increasing news of how the world is changing, Ben realizes how disconnected he’s become from nature and decides to do something about it. He uproots to Sulani to reconnect with life in a more natural habitat, expands his horizons by exploring a culture he may have only seen on T.V. and movies, and learns to care for and cultivate the land that sustains them all.”

    And this lovely local who’s, “Living off the land – eating coconuts, bathing in the waterfall, and keeping the island clean. It does provide for you, after all!”

    Builder’s Paradise

    With beachfront lots and loads of new objects and furniture, what home will you build for Sims in the tropics?

    Here’s a family who loves their home no matter what: “Lulu’s family has lived at the base of the volcano for generations. Nothing – not even a slew of lava bombs! – can get them to leave.”

    Locals Only

    Embracing the Sulani people keeps the community alive! These Sims are all about a thriving culture.

    A hungry Sim: “I almost forgot it’s BBQ night in town, and Lilliana is the chef this week! Her Kalua pork is so good, even the dolphins want some. I need to hurry, before it’s all gone!”

    A spiritual Sim: “Just a small girl with a deep connection to the island. There are those who say the elementals themselves speak to her.”

    A secretive Sim: “A mermaid, who is secretly living amongst the locals, sneaks off to play with her people in the evenings at the secret mermaid cove.”

    Tropical Troublemaking

    It wouldn’t be a new pack without a little mischief! Take a peek into what one little Sim is doing:

    “Okay, dad finally fell asleep on his towel and my plan is in motion. I used the sunscreen to draw weird things on him, so he’ll hopefully wake up with a weird tan. Now to build sand sculptures all around him, so he’ll be trapped!”

    We can’t wait to hear how you’re exploring Sulani in The Sims 4 Island Living Expansion Pack! Remember to chat with fellow community members on The Sims 4 Forums, follow us on Twitter and Instagram, like us on Facebook, and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Sign up for The Sims 4 newsletter and get Grim’s Ghoulish Guitar for free!*

    *Requires The Sims 4 game (sold separately) and all game updates to play. See minimum system requirements for this pack.

    Please post all support requests in the forums if at all possible

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