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    This is just a personal peeve of mine, but whenever I search YouTube (or any other video website) for tutorials, I invariably find only ones that have about 10 minutes of rabbiting and 10 seconds of actually showing you how to do what you want to learn about!

    Some people just seem to love the sound of their own voices, but a word to the wise – no-one else does! Just get on with it, and either show the tutorial by using captions, or use minimal dialogue!

    I watched one tutorial not so long ago, and it was the only one detailing what I wanted to learn, but she talked about nothing for 4 minutes before getting on with the tutorial, and then it took around 15 minutes for her to show what should have taken about a minute!

    I tend to turn off the volume of any video I watch so I can just see what they are doing. It’s not just me, either, as lots of videos like this have complaints within the comments about the amount of talking compared to the amount of action.

    Thankfully, not all videos are like this – there are some excellent tutorials out there, both for gaming and otherwise, so if you come across one you’d like to share, not just Sims related, you can post in our off-topic section in our forums.

    Please post all support requests in the forums if at all possible

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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