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How To Delete Extra NPC’s, Unwanted Babies And More Safely!

NOTE: BACK UP YOUR SIMS 2 FOLDER!!! Next: Make certain none of the sims you are about to get rid of have any type of relationship with anyone! Be certain the sims you are keeping don’t have one with any of the sims you are deleting as this causes memory problems and can lead to game corruption if not done just so. You will need to download the sim blender. This tree gets rid of family ties and memories. You can use with Moniques Relationship Panel remover. Use the sim blender first! About unwanted babies: Use the sim blender to adopt the child out. This must be done before you can help your sim forget! Do it at birth to be safe. Get the relationship panel remover at MTS and the sim blender at insim.

1. Download the latest version of SimPe if you don’t have a copy.

2. Grab a notebook and pen. You’ll need it!

3. Now, open SimPe and choose the neighborhood you want to delete the offending sims from.

4. Once loaded, open it up and click on sim browser

5. Scroll down the list until you find one. Once you do, bring them up in the preview pane.

6. Copy their unique Sim ID number with your paper and pen. Yes, this part is manual. I had to do over 100 of them one time! Write their name down by their unique number so you will know who needs to forget who in game.

7. Repeat until you have every single number and name of every single sim you no longer want in game.

8. Close SimPe

9. Go inside your game. Wipe out all memories of all sims you are about to delete and the memories of the sims who know them. Be very detailed about this part. No skimping! It is the most important part! You will regret it if you miss one.

10. Ok, with that all done, double check your list and your sims memories before you exit the game.

11. Once you are sure you have cover all your bases and no one remembers any of them, you are ready to delete the sims.

12. Now, click on your documents folder and then your sims 2 folder.

13. Click on the neighborhoods folder

14. Click on the correct neighborhood folder. Pleasantview in N001

15. Now, once inside the correct neighborhood folder, click on the Character folder.

16. You will see all those wonderful unique numbers.

17. You will now match your first number. Once matched with your list, delete it from the folder.

18. Do step 17 until you have them all deleted.

19. Go inside your sims 2 folder and out of these folders.

20.Delete Groups if it has been written to and delete the accessory file and any others safe to delete.

21. Restart your computer.

22. Restart your game and you won’t have any of the sims you just got rid of, nor will there be any memories of them ever being in the neighborhood if you did this correctly.

This works beautifully for me and my game. Good luck!!!

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