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  • Featured_postHuntington Mansion

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    Lot Size: 5×4
    Bedrooms: 6
    Condition: Fully Furnished
    Price: §487,472

    Extra Info:
    Game Version:
    This lot is occupied

    Meet the Huntington’s. Richard Huntington III lived happily with his wife, Marjorie and their children, Michelle and Steven, for many years.

    Richard is a successful stock broker from a long line of wealth and with Michelle being quite the child genius with an affinity for the arts and Steven at the beginning of a successful career in sports, their lives seemed perfect. That is until tragedy struck and sadly Marjorie passed away.

    Inexplicably, Felicity Goodwill (a young, attractive neighbour with a non-starting ‘career’ as an actress), took a shine to this wealthy, older man. Now his wife, Felicity has everything she has ever dreamed of, but will this life live up to her expectations and will she EVER win over Michelle, who continues to be suspicious of Felicity’s motives?

    Required Expansion Packs:
    Get To Work Get Together
    Required Game Packs:
    Outdoor Retreat Spa Day Dine Out
    Required Stuff Packs:
    Luxury Party Perfect Patio Cool Kitchen Spooky Stuff Movie Hangout Romantic Garden Kids Room Holiday Celebration Backyard Stuff
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    2 thoughts on “Featured_postHuntington Mansion

    1. Wow, this is one big house and I love it, love the furniture and the way it is arranged I sure hope it is for the Sims2. Can’t wait to try it for my sims. Thanks so much

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