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Life update

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Life update

Hi all, everything is going well for a change, just lost 34 lbs and I sure feel so much better, have no more pain in my knees and less pain in my back. Getting new clothes ever time I lose 5-6 lbs. and of course looking in my closet I find new things that are old. Just love saving the money from finding new clothes in my old clothes.. Well, just wanted to et you know that things are finally getting much better. Hope you all have a nice fall.


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Pleased to hear that, chi smile


Originally Posted By chilili
Well, tomorrow is the date 10/3 for my shoulder surgery, have torn muscle, torn rotator cuff and some kind of tear in the cuff. So Pray for me , that the Dr. can fix these torn items, he did say that the ton tendon he may not be able to fix, sometime ago, I tore the tendon and it shrank some, so he is hoping that it won’t have shrunk to much so he can repair it, but he said if he can’t then he will stretch it as best he can. Will let U know then

chilili – I hope your surgery goes okay, Chi! :hugs:


Glad everything went okay, Chi, get well soon!