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Hotels & Rentals Von Trapp Hotel – No CC


This lot has been converted, with the kind permission of ekrubynaffit, from the amazing Von Trapp mansion. It contains no custom content.

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Residential Monkee’s Pad


Trying to build this lot was like the blind man trying to figure out what an elephant was! The available photos are little snippets of the whole.

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Residential Featured_postDownton Abbey


Here is my far from perfect, full of creative license, version of Downton Abbey. We just finished watching season 4. I feel sorry for Edith. Why doesn’t she confide in Mary? I know Mary would support her. Mary seems rather cold, but she loves deeply.

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Community Featured_postCentral Perk


Central Perk is rather straight forward, pretty much one room. Have included public toilets and also a wee kitchen area so your sims can go for a meal. Theres also a podium off to the side.