• Building Sims 2 Mansard Roofing Tutorial


    This is a basic tutorial on how to create curved, Mansard roofing to look something like this:

    using the architecture tools:

    What you need

    The Mansion and Garden expansion pack is needed to build this roof.

    The first step

    Build your lot, but instead of placing a normal roof, we are going to create a mansard roof for a better effect. If you only want two floors, make the roof on the first floor, but if you want a lot with three floors, the mansard roof will be on the second floor. When you build the second floor walls, place them one square from the edge:

    Then place floor tiles around the edge, as this will give the mansard roof pieces something to grip on to:

    The roof pieces

    Go into the architecture category and select the corner piece, choosing your colour:

    Place them at each corner, making sure they are facing the right way:

    Select the inner corner sections for the parts of your roof that have the corners facing inwards:

    You place them on all the inner corners of your walls:

    Then you add the rest of the connecting sections to the straight part of the walls:

    Finishing off

    Once you have finished, select whichever floor tiles you want to finish the top of the roof:

    To finish

    If you like, you can choose a fence/railing to go around the top for a really nice finish:

    …and that’s it! You can then go on to decorate the outside of your home in any way you wish.

    Required Stuff Packs:
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    1. Anonymous says:

      I really liked the way this roofing was done, it looks hard but, Ill get the hang of it. Cheeers!

    2. LadyAngel says:

      Thanks It’s really easy once you know how 🙂

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