Plumbing Miners’ Throne – Peasant Toilet   (Views: 4,090 )

Item Type: New Mesh
Function: Plumbing
Room: Bathroom
Price: §60
Poly Count(s): 350

My daughter (Princess) chose the name for this, so don’t blame me! lol. A long time ago, UK miners and other poor people couldn’t afford inside lavatories, so many were just holes in wooden containers that were filled with ashes or dirt, and were cleaned out just once or twice per week. They looked like the example below and I can’t imagine they were very pleasant to use! They are fully-functional and cost just 60 Simoleons each. Here is an example of the kind of things that were in use:

Victorian toilets

They can be used separately or snapped together to make communal toilets.

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2 Responses

  1. Princess says:

    I love these, they would go great in an old pit house or a museum ! 🙂

  2. LadyAngel says:

    They have these on display in Beamish Museum – I think we should count our blessings.

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