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Modern One Tile Shower

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Item Type: New Mesh
Function: Plumbing
Room: Bathroom
Price: §100
Poly Count(s): 348

For base game builders, here is a wall shower so you can paint the tile any color you want. If you, like me, are tired of the three base game showers, and don’t have University EP installed, here is the solution. I plan on building some luxurious bathrooms in the near future and will place the shower in a little room of its own. This is a clone of the value shower and behaves the same way, so you need to leave the grid perpendicular to the actual shower free. If you wish to have a communal shower, leave a grid between each shower (my sims would prefer that anyway! Personal space you know!)

This item will only cost your sims 100 simoleons. Keep it simple and get clean at the same time!

Base Game Only

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Oh well done Anne!!! You are doing so well with making objects and to fill a wee niche that is needed!! Thankyou!


Ooh, Anne, the base game really needs this, thank you, and you’re getting so good at meshing!


Ohh this is great Anne and 1 I must download!! I always just use the games one (I have many but dont know who made most of them) lol So… Read more »


Originally Posted by triciamanly Oh many thanks you two! I hope it will be usable. At least I plan to use it! and thanks for the encouragement on meshing, but… Read more »