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    Residential Oak Creek Canyon


    Two condos (not made with Apartment Life) located in Oak Creek Canyon just outside of Sedona, Arizona.

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    Residential Monkee’s Pad


    Trying to build this lot was like the blind man trying to figure out what an elephant was! The available photos are little snippets of the whole.

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    Residential Town and Country


    Town and Country is hopefully that, a place that would look good in your town or in your country. It is inspired by vintage homes in the American south with its white siding and shuttered windows.

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    Residential Everyday Arizona


    The two houses on this large lot each have 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, outdoor patios, garages, and desert landscaping.

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    Residential Little Princess House


    Little Princess House has 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, large yard with swings and playhouse, all decorated in pink. Hopefully it will be the home of a happy baby girl who grows up well!

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    Dorms Featured_postSimly Dorm


    Please see the January Dorm Challenge for detailed description of Simly Dorm, play tested and ready to house your university Sims.

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    Residential Featured_postVilla Lujosa


    This large Spanish style house has it all, lots of rooms, large back yard with pool and jacuzzi, elegant furnishings, and it’s all for our beloved and sometimes forgotten base game Sims.

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    Residential Windy Corner


    This country house is inspired by Howard’s End and A Room With a View movie locations. The best thing about those movies is the absolutely beautiful countryside scenes and houses in both.

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    Starter Homes Little Forest Glade


    Little Forest Glade is a small cottage with overgrown garden, perfect for a single Sim, but with space on the lot to add on another room or patio space.

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    Starter Homes Little Forest Glen


    Thanks to inexpensive cc, the house comes in priced at 19,953 and includes all skill items, a phone, and a fire alarm.