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  • Hotels & Rentals Pink Flamingo Inn   (Views: 10,848 )

    Lot Size: 4×5
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    Vacation time is coming up. My brother is coming in July to stay with Daddy while Robert and I take a break. We’re going to California for the first week, then we come back for Vacation Bible School, and then we get another little trip. I found a dude ranch in Northern AZ with rooms for $225 a night but they include 3 meals a day and two hour long horseback rides per day. When I presented this idea to Robert he said, “Not really.” Therefore, I will spend no money, sit in my air conditioned living room and take my Sims on a Far East vacation to the Pink Flamingo Inn. They’ve already been and it was fun. The only problem was the outdoor grill. If a Sim grills make sure you stop him or her from serving because they will serve hot dogs on the tables on the private bungalow decks and then the food will get green and make a mess. Other than that, the environment at the Pink Flamingo is lovely, tropical, full of bird and insect sounds (I assume, I always play with the sound off so Robert can watch his detective shows) and of course the sound of the little stream in front. If you have Seasons, you may get rain!!! Try the Pink Flamingo for an exotic, nature filled, free (to you, not to Sims!) fun filled vacation.

    Room Rates:
    Private Bungalow A – 530 per night
    Private Bungalow B – 526 per night
    Second Floor Double room – 752 per night
    Second Floor Single A – 376 per night
    Second Floor Single B – 382 per night
    Third Floor Double room – 471 per night

    Amenities: massage, mahjong, tea table, hot spring, lucky shrine, outdoor grill

    Izmir Dining Chairs,Old Cobbles Terrain Paint, and Terracota Tile by Lady Angel
    Simple Spiral Stairs right turn by Marvine
    Sofa Back Table, Modern One Tile Shower, Decorative French Door, Back Deck Planter, walls and floors by me

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    3 Responses

    1. LadyAngel says:

      Everything you create is different from everything else you create, I don’t know how you do it! You’ve captured the eastern look perfectly, and I love the arched bridge – something I’ve yet to try myself! Thanks for using my stuff! 🙂

    2. chilili says:

      Oh Tricia, I love this house and the way you furnished it, I love the true oriental homes. Your imagination is stupendious.
      Thanks so much.

    3. triciamanly says:

      Thank you both so much for your encouraging comments!

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