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Community Oceanscape Restaurant – No CC


Oceanscape Restaurant is a seaside lot with plenty of ambience and a great place for your romantic Sims to relax with good food and fine wine.

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Community Beach Rec & Shop


Shopping and recreation centre for your Sims. From dining to pet supplies, your Sims will find everything they need right here.

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Hotels & Rentals Mini Motel – No CC


5-suite motel with dining facilities. Whether you need to stay a night, a week or a month, this clean and friendly establishment will make you miss home just a little less!

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Community Sim Town Sound Bar


For fun, dining and entertainment, this trendy lounge bar is just what your Sims need to relax after a hard day’s work!

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Community Modern Mall – No CC


A symmetrical, versatile, modern community lot for shopping, working out, as well as wining and dining.

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Community Town Centre – No CC


Fully equipped shopping centre with everything your Sims could need for daytime shopping and night-time fun!

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