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    Modern Mall Community

    A symmetrical, versatile, modern community lot for shopping, working out, as well as wining and dining.


    Uptown Rec Centre – No CC Community

    Recreation centre for grown-up Sims! There’s a pool, games area, bar and coffee shop downstairs. Upstairs, there’s a library and internet cafe as well as a small gym. This was made with no custom content.


    Town Centre – No CC Community

    Fully equipped shopping centre with everything your Sims could need for daytime shopping and night-time fun!


    A1 Fitness Community

    A gym, pool and spa for your fitness-inclined Sims. Enjoy a swim, a coffee and a chat!


    Slim Sim Gym Community

    A small community lot in the form of a gym.


    Featured_postNorthview University Dorm Dorms

    All rooms are doubles and some have a mini kitchen so you don’t even have to hike it all the way to the Refectory.


    Alpinloch School Community

    3 classrooms, gymnasium, office with teacher’s lounge, library, 3 sets of restrooms, and playground with swings.

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